Career Title Career Description Annual Salary Minimum Education
bargewasher-300x189 Barge Washer Team consists of a hose man and two helpers. The job consists of washing excess cargo out of the hopper utilizing high pressure hoses and siphons. The best barge washers understand the principles of hydrology and water flow at a very high level. Avg. $45,000 None
Captain-300x200 Captain Responsible for operating a river towboat in the transportation of commodities on the inland river system, including supervision of the crew, maintaining the boat in a safe and seaworthy condition, navigation of the boat on the forward watch, administration of company policy and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations. Avg. $145,000 High School Diploma or GED or minimum 5 years in the Pilot House
Chief-Engineer-300x204 Chief Engineer Responsible to the Port Engineer for all machinery and maintenance aboard the vessel. He shall immediately report to the Captain and Port Engineer all problems affecting safety, performance, or reliability of the vessel. Responsible for all the fuel and lube oil transfers. Avg. $104,000 High School Diploma or GED preferred
ConservationOfficer-300x225 Conservation Officer Enforce laws related to hunting, trapping, fishing, navigation, snowmobiling, and all-terrain vehicles. Investigate incidents involving outdoor recreation. Inspect game breeders, taxidermists, bait dealers, and other commercial users. Teach hunter education, outdoor skills workshops, and other courses. Communicate with schools and community groups and with the media. $40,000 to $90,000 Bachelor’s Degree and Law Enforcement Academy Training
AEP-Cook-300x200 Cook Responsible for preparing and serving nutritious well-balanced meals to the crew and any guests. Cooks are responsible for maintaining the galley, dining room and associated equipment in a clean and sanitary condition at all times. $34,000 to $40,000 High School Diploma or GED
Crane-Operator-Jeffboat-198x300 Crane Operator Operate and maintain assigned cranes performing lifts as required while providing guidance to assigned crew of a midstream barge crane. Responsible for the safe operation of the crane as well as the safety of the crew assigned to his/her location. Avg. $38,000 High School diploma or GED
Deckhand-200x300 Deckhand Responsible for assisting in preparing barges for the loading and/or unloading of cargoes. Handles lines and cables in order to tie and untie ships, barges, and crane rigs. May perform minor maintenance on equipment. Provides directional signals to crane operators through flagging. $40,000 to $48,000 High School diploma or GED
Electrician-300x225 Electrician Installs, services, repairs, replaces and maintains all electric wiring and electrical equipment such as cranes, public address systems and electric motors. Installs lights and power lines, electrical outlets, electrical fixtures and hook up disconnects shore power and compressors, welding banks, etc. $23,000 to $63,000 High School diploma or GED
Engineer-300x200 Engineer Responsible for the safe and efficient upkeep of vessel maintenance, mechanical and associated systems aboard the boat. Routinely monitors, services, and repairs vessel systems (engines, steering, electrical, ventilation, etc). $47,000 to $85,000 High School diploma or GED
Equipment-Operator-199x300 Equipment Operator Operates and maintains assigned equipment performing tasks as required while assisting crew with other duties. Insures the maintenance of assigned equipment including performing inspections and periodic maintenance. High School diploma or GED
Fitter-225x300 Fitter Lays-out and fabricates metal structural parts such as plates, bulkheads, and frames within hull of boat or barge for welding. $23,000 to $63,000 High School diploma or GED
General-Manager-300x199 General Manager Responsible for directing and monitoring the day-to-day operations of the job site through quality supervision and skilled decision-making. Develops and administers budgets for marine construction projects. Accurately forecasts the scope, cost, and duration of current and future projects. Avg. $45,000 High School Diploma or GED required, Bachelor’s Degree preferred
Laborer-225x300 Laborer Work includes all types of loading and unloading cars, trucks, barges, stacking material, excavating, filling in, moving simple types and sizes of machinery, general cleanup work such as sweeping, mopping, washing windows and the tearing down and dismantling of various types of buildings using various machines and tools. Avg. $23,000 High School Diploma or GED
Machinist-e1427202423233-225x300 Machinist Sets up and operates various machine ship machines, such as lathes, grinders, milling machines, drill presses, power tools, and similar machine tools. Performs maintenance and repair of any machinery. Places various stock and material into and out of machines and storage areas. Avg. $38,000 High School Diploma or GED
Mechanic-225x300 Marine Mechanic Maintains all major and minor vessel equipment. Equipment includes main engines, generator engines, electrical systems, hydraulics, air compressors, centrifuges, water systems, sewer systems, heating and cooling systems, and alarm systems. Performs maintenance on barge equipment. Maintains equipment, tools, supplies and machinery rooms. $23,000 to $63,000 High School Diploma or GED
Marine-Surveyor-300x225 Marine Surveyor Advises customers on marine matters such as general consulting, engineering, and accident investigations. Routinely performs draft surveys, cargo surveys, damage surveys on barges, towboats, docks, Locks / Dams and related marine structures. Inspection of barges and towboats for insurance, marine claims, financing and sales considerations. $31,000 to $52,000 High School Diploma or GED required, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering for advancement
Mate-300x218 Mate Responsible for directing the activities of the deck crew; for the cleanliness, upkeep, and painting of the towing vessel; maintaining the safety and integrity of the tow; and providing guidance, training, and safe work instruction to members of the deck crew. Avg. $69,000 High School Diploma or GED
Oiler-300x199 Oiler Responsible for ensuring proper lubrication and routine maintenance of all mobile equipment, machinery, and other equipment. Performs minor repairs on equipment and other machinery. Oversees the process of drafting barges. $24,000 to $40,000 High School Diploma or GED
Blaster-300x299 Painter/Blaster Operates spray painting equipment or brushes or rolls paint on surfaces. Sands surfaces between coats and polishes final coat. May spray or brush hot plastics or pitch on surfaces. May bake finishes on painted and enameled articles in baking oven. May cut stencils or spray lettering and decorations on surfaces. $24,000 to $31,000 High School Diploma or GED
Captain-300x200 Pilot Manages the vessel including all attached barges. Navigates the vessel safely, supervises the crew, oversees safety programs, complies with rules and regulations pertaining to the towing of vessels, and protects the environment. Avg. $65,000 High School Diploma or GED, additional service requirements
RiskManagemet-225x300 Risk Management Responsible for OSHA compliance through inspections, training, and record keeping. Handles claim management for personal injury, property damage, and reimbursements. Maintains insurance records. $65,000 to $100,000 High School Diploma or GED, Bachelor’s Degree preferred
Mate-300x218 Second Mate Responsible for the safe and efficient activities of the deck crew serving during watch.Will perform any combination of the following duties; inspects deck machinery, rigging, and barges; coordinates watch schedules and activities with the Mate; and be able to perform those duties of a deckhand. Avg. $56,000 High School Diploma or GED
Tankerman-300x200 Tankerman Responsible for the safe, efficient, reliable, and environmentally compliant operation of assigned area. Prepares barges for safe and complete loading and discharging of oils. Understands what the product is and how it should be transferred and protected. Participates in the maintenance of the boat and barges. Avg. $41,000 High School Diploma or GED
LockAndDam-300x225 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – Various Positions The Corps is responsible for building, maintaining, and operating locks and dams and monitoring water levels and flood control. Maintain the navigation channel of the Mississippi. The Corps also employs rangers who patrol the parks and waters along the river, on the water and land under control of the Corps. $50,000 to $100,000 High School Diploma or GED, some positions require Bachelor’s Degree
CoastGuard-300x225 U.S. Coast Guard – Various Positions One of the U.S. armed forces providing a persistent prescence along rivers and in ports. Aids in patrolling, water rescue, water safety education, and maintaining channel markers for commercial traffic. $30,000 to $90,000 High School Diploma required, some ranks require Bachelor’s Degree. U.S. Coast Guard Basic and Specialized training required for various ranks.
SoilConservationistWatershedCoord-300x225 U.S. Department of Agriculture – Soil Conservationist State and federal soil conservationists work with private landowners and public lands along rivers to promote conservation. Advise on techniques such as buffer strip vegetation, filter strips, grassed waterways, silt ponds, contour farming, strip cropping, no-till farming, agricultural drainage systems, and other aspects of managing agricultural, private, and public lands. $32,000 to $91,000 Bachelor’s Degree
No Image U.S. Forest Service – Forester Agency manages national forests and wild lands on and adjacent to rivers. They work with private landowners to manage land and vegetation cover and promote conservation. Advise in timber stand improvement, forest-related diseases, and harvest. Some federal and state foresters are also involved with fire management or suppression. $40,000 to $90,000 Bachelor’s Degree and specialized fire training for fire certification
SoilConservationistWatershedCoord-300x225 Watershed Coordinator Work in particular watersheds to monitor water quality and to help prevent erosion and contamination in watersheds by working directly with landowners. They monitor stream and river quality and work with landowners and businesses to prevent soil erosion and pollution. $40,000 to $90,000 Bachelor’s Degree and specialized training
Welder-300x199 Welder Performs numerous activities required in repair, maintenance, and rebuilding of marine boats and barges. Performs welding activities in all positions, climbing ladders and scaffolds, lifting heavy objects. They must possess the ability to work in awkward positions and function in a shipyard environment which includes extreme weather temperatures. Avg. $31,000 High School Diploma or GED
FisheriesBiologist-300x221 Wildlife or Fisheries Biologist Work in either wildlife or fisheries careers, but may also include invasive species, and specialized species biologists. Track species and make recommendations to maintain balanced populations. Monitor habitats that support wildlife. $40,000 to $90,000 Bachelor’s Degree and specialized training