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RiverWorks Discovery® educates communities about the commerce, culture, conservation, and careers of the great rivers of America and their watersheds.

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Career Description: Responsible for operating a river towboat in the transportation of commodities on the inland river system, including supervision of the crew, maintaining the boat in a safe and seaworthy condition, navigation of the boat on the forward watch, administration of company policy and adherence to all applicable laws and regulations.

Annual Salary: Avg. $145,000

Minimum Education: High School Diploma or GED or minimum 5 years in the Pilot House


Hall of Fame Spotlight


The Builders

C.C. Webber

Inducted in 2012

C.C. Webber led the movement for the revival of shipping on the Upper Mississippi River.  Webber was the grandson of John Deere, the farm implement manufacturer and started working as an office boy and mail clerk for Deere & Co.  Born in Rock Island, Illinois, he attended Rock Island Schools as well as Lake Forest Academy from which he graduated in 1877. 

Webber became the founder and builder of the Upper Mississippi Barge Line Company.  He was also the founder and Chairman of the Board of the Upper Mississippi Waterway Association.  Webber lobbied for the completion of the 9-foot channel for the Upper River.  He led a group of Upper Midwest business leaders and industrialists to form a river transportation company and river association that led to the completion of the Upper River 9-foot Channel and Commercial Navigation, as we know it today. 

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