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Waterways Council Inc., Waterways Journal Weekly, and RWD Photo Contest 2018

Date & Time

August 1, 2018 - October 31, 2018

Waterways Council Inc., Waterways Journal Weekly, and RWD Photo Contest 2018

August 1, 2018 through October 31, 2018

America's View of the River

We want to see what you see… whether on tow, behind the sticks, from the bank, bridge, or even the porch. 

From the past, to the present, and into the future, share your view on how our #waterwaysbuildamerica.


For this year’s photo contest we would like to expand our view of river activity to include the four “C’s”of

RiverWorks Discovery®; Commerce, Culture, Conservation, and Careers.

This would include photos of wildlife, conservation/cleanup efforts, historical sites along the river (including steamships, paddle wheels, etc…), music, storytelling, rivermen performing daily tasks, work boats, and any creative ideas that promote the inland maritime industry from all aspects.  From atop a combine, grain elevator, or one of the many facilities that move products on our rivers, we want your perspective.


  1. Snap a photo
  2. Apply one of the four “C’s” hashtag categories listed below that relate to your photo.  One hashtag category per photo please.  Share your photo to RiverWorks Discovery or message the RWD facebook page with the following information in the body of the message:
  • Hashtag – e.g.; #waterwaysbuildamerica_careers
  • Your name and the name of the towboat, building, or scene from your photo
  • Location – where was your photo taken
  1. Prizes – There will be prizes for first place from each category.
    • Prizes will include a one year subscription to The Waterways Journal (WJ), one year membership to National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and other accredited AZA institutions across the country, and photo recognition at the Waterways Council Inc., (WCI) Conference.
    • Winners will also be announced on WCI, WJ, and RWD social media.
    • A copy of “A River of Memories with Captain Charlie Jones”, a living legend on the rivers of America!




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