How Co-Sponsors Support Program

Support public programming in their service areas, including public festivals and events along major public waterways, and supporting outreach programs to school children at events such as water festivals, environmental days, career days and more:

  • Pay a contractor to conduct programming
  • Use internal staff to conduct programming
  • Award grants to non-profit to conduct programming

How RWD Supports Co-Sponsors

  • Supply co-sponsor with print-ready files festival display including banners, sponsorship pennants and supplies for hands-on activities
  • RWD can sometimes loan our portable lock and dam model, and large scale puzzles to co-sponsors for larger events, and coordinate the shipping, storage and maintenance of these models. Models are subject to availability and shipping costs.
  • Hire, train and manage contract worker, or train co-sponsor staff
  • Identify events for RWD participation and coordinate all event details including registration, logistics, materials and presentations
  • Add co-sponsor name and logo on all printed material including activity sheets and sponsorship pennants
  • Add co-sponsor name and logo to RWD web-site
  • Share public feedback with co-sponsor

Co-Sponsor Benefits

  • Engaging the public by creating positive public communications regarding the role of rivers in our nation’s future and by encouraging people to develop a personal relationship with their local waterway
  • Widen community acceptance in support of safe, healthy, multi-use rivers in major metropolitan areas across the country
  • Ease of sponsorship
  • Recognition within the community
  • A Who Works the River career awareness webpage will introduce older students to the opportunities for careers in our maritime river industry.

Community Benefits

  • Provides education about an unknown mode of transportation
  • Offers a more complete understanding of the history and importance of the inland shipping industry and its role in multi-use waterways
  • Plays an important role in peoples’ lives, helping them value the commerce, culture and conservation of our nation’s rivers and the need for safety on our waterways.
  • Inspires good environmental stewardship of our nation’s waterways and watersheds
  • “Kids for Clean Rivers Pledge” outlines positive action steps for children and their families
  • Programs are correlated to state standards and is multi-disciplinary focusing on math, history, geography and mapping
  • Patch Programs for Scouts
  • Programming is free
  • Web-site with free downloadable materials
  • Careers awareness

For more information on RiverWorks Discovery contact Errin Howard: 513.403.9312 |

Download the RiverWorks Discovery Fact Sheet

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