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Kristen Stojakovich, Senior Manager- Logistics

(724) 249-7599


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General Information

Campbell Transportation Company, Inc. is a privately held business focused on providing safe, efficient, and reliable service to marine transportation customers throughout the inland waterways. The company has a history going back over 100 years, but it’s been under current ownership for over 50 years. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, the company provides marine transportation and services for bulk dry and liquid products throughout the inland waterways with operating facilities on the Ohio River and the Gulf Coast. Campbell currently operates over 1,250 barges and over 60 towboats.

Recent Event /Highlight/Company Accomplishment:

In April 2023, Campbell acquired assets previously owned by NGL Marine, LLC in an ongoing strategic plan to diversify and grow our marine business line.

What is one thing your company does extraordinarily well? 

CTC is committed from the top down to providing a safe workplace for our mariners and striving for operational excellence. Safety is Campbell’s number one core value and it’s reflected in our industry-leading performance in safety and environmental performance. Our team members’ safety and well-being are truly what matters most to us and we are constantly striving to learn and improve in these critical areas.

Quote on How or Why you are involved with RWD:

“I participated in my first Riverworks Discovery event in fall of 2022 at Who Works the Rivers in Pittsburgh.” Seeing the program first-hand and how engaged the students were gave me a full appreciation for the program and work done by RWD. Our industry is a silent one.  People not involved don’t notice we are here. Seeing the students learn about job opportunities and hearing them ask questions was a rewarding experience for me”. ~Kristen Stojakovich

Highlight Recent RWD event or sponsorship that you were involved with:

CTC recently participated in the Who Works the River events in Pittsburgh and Point Pleasant. Volunteers included PJ Thomas, who served on a panel discussing his personal journey on the career ladder from deckhand to crewing specialist, and Capt. Randy Chapman, Senior Port Captain, provided a PPE demonstration. 

RiverWorks Discovery focuses on the 4 C’s Conservation, Commerce, Culture, and Careers. What are some of the things your company does to touch on all these areas?

CTC is a prominent marine transportation service provider that operates on the Western River System and Gulf coast of the United States. This company is dedicated to promoting the 4Cs in all its business operations.

Conservation is an important aspect of CTC business ethos. The Company has taken significant steps to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and protection of the marine environment. We have invested in modern equipment and technology to reduce emissions and minimize our carbon footprint. CTC also collaborates with environmental groups and regulatory agencies to implement best practices for marine conservation.

In terms of commerce, CTC plays a vital role in maintaining a reliable and efficient transportation network throughout the river system. CTC offers a wide range of services, including barge transportation and towing services, as well as logistics and harbor services. Our fleet of barges and towboats are equipped to handle various types of cargo, such as chemicals, petroleum, coal, and agricultural products. As a result, we support several industries and businesses that depend on the inland waterways for transportation and rely on safe, efficient, and economical movement of their cargoes.

Finally, the company’s commitment to culture and careers is evident in its training and employee development programs. We offer career opportunities for individuals interested in the marine transportation industry. We provide hands-on training and support our employees’ professional growth, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. By investing in our workforce, we contribute to the development of a skilled labor force in the maritime sector.

In summary, CTC’s business operations on the river system touch on several important areas; including conservation, commerce, culture, and careers. Our commitment to sustainability, reliability, and community engagement has positioned us as a leader in the marine transportation industry.

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