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General Information:

Over the last 25 years, AccuTRANS has operated along the Gulf Coast from Pensacola, Florida, to Brownsville, Texas, and as far north as the Ohio River Valley – with headquarters in Kenner, Louisiana. We currently have 350+ employees!

Our services include:

USCG-licensed tankermen loading and discharging liquid tank barges

Personnel support in terminal readiness and management, truck and rail car loading and offloading, barge and ship dock PIC, and more!

Training services tailored to customer needs and include employee feedback, test scores, SOP change recommendations, and other useful reporting

  • Train the Trainer
  •  DL & LG course
  • Customer Tankerman Refresher
  • Cargo Specification

Fleeting & Fueling

  • 24 Hour Service
  • Fueling
  • City Water
  • Supply Drop-offs
  • Crew Changes
  • Oil Slop & Trash removal
Recent Event /Highlight/Company Accomplishment:

AccuTRANS places in the Top Workplaces in the Entire Country! See our blog for additional details: AccuTRANS Wins the Top Workplaces Award in the Entire Country (

This April, AccuTRANS will be celebrating our 25th anniversary! Established in 1998, AccuTRANS is commemorating 25 years of world-class leadership in the Gulf of Mexico waterways.

What is one thing your company does extraordinarily well?

We treat others the way you want to be treated. We thank Mr. Dave Foreman for our ever-guiding motto!

Mr. David C. Foreman: Remembering the Marine Industry Legend (

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Riverworks Discovery educates the communities about the wonderful waterways around us. RWD works hand in hand with the oil and gas industry by providing many resources to encourage the youth about the various unseen opportunities around them!

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Annual RiverWorks 2022 supporter!

RiverWorks Discovery focuses on the 4 C's Conservation, Commerce, Culture, and Careers. What are some of the things your company does to touch on all these areas?

AccuTRANS standard of excellence is always to continue training and learning to improve our practice while maintaining efficiency by doing our jobs safely and correctly the first time. We have a strong commitment to training and were able to repopulate the industry with tankerman post-COVID. 

We have a dedicated quality, training, and safety team that hosts DL&LG certification courses throughout the year for both in-house and external customers.

In addition, we have expanded our knowledge into the fleeting and fueling segments. We have fleeting locations in Channelview, TX, and Corpus Christi, TX. Our fueling station is located in Channelview, TX along Market Street.

A “Did You Know” fact or a tidbit on careers related to the waterways industry:

Our blog regarding tankerman jobs in Louisiana says it best! Being a tankerman is a hidden treasure!

Where to find tankerman jobs in Louisiana (