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High School (9-12) Offerings

High School (9-12) Offerings

High school is the perfect opportunity to explore career options, and our high school Who Works the Rivers programming provides an opportunity for young adults to explore river careers grounded in commerce, culture, and conservation. We offer both in person and virtual Who Works the Rivers programs.

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contact Errin Howard:

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Programs supported by 

Who Works the Rivers
Career Exploration

RiverWorks Discovery offers the opportunity to explore career options through our Who Works the Rivers program (WWR). This program touches on the Careers in Maritime Commerce, Culture, and Conservation and can be easily adapted to meet state and district standards. This program is targeted to supplement High School STEM programs, Community College Career programs, and College students.

RWD can facilitate a local event at many sites along the Ohio, Arkansas, and Mississippi Rivers. These events can be organized as a daylong fieldtrip that includes hands-on activities, including water sampling and learning from local experts in the government and private industry. Or, these events can be organized as a Virtual Learning event with a panel of experts in these topics.

Upcoming programs are already scheduled for the following:

  • December 7  |  St. Louis, MO/Alton, IL
  • February 2022 (TBA)  |  Vicksburg, MS

For more information on in person or virtual Who Works the Rivers, contact Errin Howard at 513.403.9312 or

Support Materials

Interested in support materials for Who Works the Rivers programming? Many of these resources are also used in the virtual Who Works the Rivers, but we include them here as a resource to refer back to for students and staff alike. 

Our Who Works the Rivers Video Playlist

Navigate the inland waterways with our interactive map.

Interactive River Map
Learn more about the pioneers, explorers and artists of America's river history.

National Rivers Hall of Fame
Other supporting materials offered by RiverWorks Discovery are our Facebook posts of Mentor Monday, Tugboat Tuesday, Who Works the Rivers Wednesday and National Rivers Hall of Fame Friday.

National Energy Education Development allows for students to learn about the role rivers play in transporting energy sources across the country.


Plenty of careers are out there is this field. If you want to learn more about these positions, visit our careers page.

Careers Page