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Mentor Spotlight

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Mentor Spotlight by Tracy Fischer

They say that as a parent, you meet your best friends because of your children, that is how I met Mary Waldheim. Mary's son Louis and my son Eric went to school together and became best of friends. It makes sense that Mary and I would soon follow.  For years play dates became chats and laughs. Then we began “our lunches”. Mary and I started a tradition of lunch once, if not twice a month. We shared stories of family, friends, and our passions. Mary would spend a lot of time ... Read More
Posted by Hope Sears at Monday, March 6, 2023

Mentor Spotlight-by Jacob Crist

The concepts needed to transfer institutional knowledge: As opposed to having a designated mentor, I was hired into a succession program, which brought in 5 individuals in their early 20s and cycled each through various departments with a sponsored graduate school track. Port Authorities are complex organizations, so a mix of institutional knowledge of executive management with practical knowledge of staff, then apply across a range of departments - from operations to legal and from real e... Read More
at Monday, February 6, 2023

Mentor Spotlight- by Matt Lagarde

There have been many key people I’ve worked with over my career that shaped the way I see the world, the industry, and other people. Each phase of my career was influenced by some very special people.  I started as a deckhand in the fleets of New Orleans and later in Alabama.  I began running smaller boats on the Tombigbee, Intracoastal, Tennessee, and other tributary rivers.  I moved from the smaller boats to line haul on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.  In 2005 I... Read More
Posted by Hope Sears at Monday, December 5, 2022

Mentor Spotlight--by Michael Breslin

When I joined the maritime industry in 2009, I did not know what I wanted out of this job. I wasn’t sure if this was a viable career, and I never would have guessed I’d end up as the Director of Safety and Sustainability for AWO. Like many of us, I ‘fell’ into this line of work.  Now, after nearly 15 years of service to the maritime community, I understand how lucky I am to have this opportunity, and I know my success is dependent on the people around me, includi... Read More
at Monday, November 7, 2022