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Mentor Spotlight

Honor Your Mentor!

Mentoring is a longstanding tradition of the river. Sharing your journey with a mentor may encourage others to follow your lead by walking in your footsteps or stepping up and becoming a mentor to another crew member wishing to advance. Please send personal experiences of mentoring with RiverWorks Discovery, so that we may use them in our social media Mentor Monday posts.

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Mentor Spotlight - by Cris Reeves

My name is Cris Reeves, and I began my career on the river with Yazoo River Towing in April 2017 as a green deckhand. In four short years, proving hard work, dedication, and determination pays off, I have earned my Steersman license.

“Leading by Example” is a mantra I have come to believe in wholeheartedly in my career at Yazoo River Towing. When I began as a green deckhand, I looked up to and relied on experienced pilots and captains to show me not only the right way to do my job but the safest.

One of the most memorable experiences of my career is when I led the deck crew in building tow for the first time. I remember vividly wanting to “lead by example” and teach the new crew members their duties the same way I had been taught. I will forever be grateful to the many mentors I have had and look forward to continuing to learn in this great journey on The River.