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Middle School (6-8) Offerings

Middle School (6-8) Offerings

RiverWorks Discovery offers youth in grades K through 6 numerous opportunities for learning about all aspects of inland rivers. This includes engaging distance learning and outreach programs along with supporting materials such as Logbooks to educate youth on wildlife and watersheds found within the United States.

The target audience is students in summer camps, boy/girl scouts, homeschoolers, and elementary school students and can be easily adapted to meet state and district standards.

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Programs supported by 

Who Works the Rivers? FREE Curriculum

Riverworks Discovery offers a program designed for grades 6-8 to increase students' awareness of the geographic scope, history, conservation, and outdoor recreation importance and economic significance of America’s inland waterways system.

This program also increases the students' awareness of the diversity of careers available to them on America’s inland waterways system.

Who Works the RiverS-Lesson Plan
Riverworks Discovery also includes the Traditional Grading Rubric along with the Elaborate Grading Rubric.

Who Works the RiverS- Traditional Rubric    Who Works the RiverS- ElAborate Rubric
National Energy Education Development allows for students to learn about the role rivers play in transporting energy sources across the country.

Energy and Our Rivers Curriculum

Additional Distance Learning Opportunities

RiverWorks Discovery: Commerce, Culture, Conservation & Careers (3-6)

RiverWorks Discovery® educates communities about the commerce, culture, conservation, and careers of the great rivers of America and their watersheds. During this presentation, students will learn about life on the river, using hands-on materials, to explore how communities have developed with navigation, trade, and travel.

Pollution Solutions (6-8)

Do you know how your actions affect the overall health of the Mississippi River? Students will use a watershed model (enviroscape) to investigate how pollutants move in a landscape. Taking that information, students will work in small groups to turn everyday objects into a tool for improving the water quality of their lake model.

Sky Hunters

Look to the sky as we learn about raptors and how their hunting skills have earned them the title of “birds of prey.” This up close experience threads in conservation messaging while meeting live raptors!

Tails & Tales (All Ages)

Why do some animals have tails and what do they do with them? Discover how animals use their tails and other adaptations by meeting a few live animals up close. We’ll also share some animal tales along the way!