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La Dinah Carter

Jefferson Parish Schools
Executive Director School Support

"Programs like ‘Who Works the River’ are essential to prepare students for emerging industry sectors. These experiences afford students the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning, while also offering educators a practical view of the varying career paths in the industry. Additionally, the ‘Who Works the River’ program is a great platform to strengthen and reimagine the collaboration between schools and industry to help build a more robust future for students and the community."


Jeanne Ferrer

Crescent River Port Pilot & St. Bernard Port Commissioner

"People are the key element of efficiency in the world's most critical supply chain infrastructure, the Mississippi River.  Strengthening and reinforcing that infrastructure's future so that it sustains its ability to feed and fuel the world is why I give to RiverWorks Discovery.  Exposing and educating our Louisiana youth on the Mississippi River's array of opportunities to become a part of that crucial role in the world economy has never been more important in today's circumstances." 


Eric Grubb


"So many of our youth finish high school uncertain of their next steps.  I support Riverworks Discovery because it goes to them and spotlights career opportunities within our transportation infrastructure." 


Barry Gipson

Executive Vice President
James Marine Inc.

"I started in the river industry after serving in the United States Marine Corps. My Father, and three Brothers all worked their entire careers in the river industry, so it literally runs through our veins.

The river industry is an amazing group of people who are able to overcome many obstacles in our everyday business, be it high water, low water, ice, 24/7 365 days a year.

However, we are now facing an obstacle that will require new strategies.  We all need to insure our industry can attract and educate this next generation of young men and women about our industry and the many opportunities it can give them and their families.

I am proud that our company supports the River Works Discovery and their “Who Works the River Programs”. I am also glad to personally support this organization.

Errin Howard, its Director, does an amazing job in a continual effort to educate our young men and women in our schools with publications, on-site learning seminars, and social media updates. However, this critical work can only be successful if we all join in with our support, hosting seminars, providing tours, and making donations.

The old adage, Build it and They Will Come will not work in this fast-moving technical world.  Our message has to be started at a young age and reinforced continually." 


Alan Hall

Vice President of Operations
Amherst Madison

"Our industry is facing a systemic problem that could bring us to our knees. Simply put, It’s people and being able to bring a new generation into our industry. It’s not high water, low water, infrastructure, fuel, or any other challenge, although all are important, nothing is more critical than bringing committed mariners into this business.

Riverworks Discovery and their “Who Works The Rivers” events around the country are such an important way to convince young people to entertain the idea of entering our workforce. I’ve been involved in helping organize these events and they never fail to impress me. Usually, a towboat is involved with real mariners talking to teenagers about river life, its benefits, its challenges, and how it provides a wonderful living, and it doesn’t cost them a penny.

Errin Howard, its director, is a passionate promoter of our industry, and a person we are fortunate to have going out every day fighting the fight. I highly encourage everyone in this industry from CEOs to captains to deckhands to get behind this program and do what you can to support this important process of getting young folks interested in this amazing industry. If we don’t, we are missing the opportunity to solve our greatest challenge, PEOPLE." 


Captain Lee Jackson

"The maritime industry is a rich industry and it has much promise to those that are aware.   This is why we have established “OPEN WATERS” with the objective to advocate and educate the unserved population of our great state which includes Minorities.  Many high school counselors are quick to express the opportunities in being a lawyer, doctor or nurse but no one expresses the promise in being a vessel captain or someone working in the maritime industry so, we hope to give the youth additional options when thinking of a career path so,  aligning ourselves with an organization like RiverWorks Discovery just makes sense as we have shared goals and objectives." 


Terence A. James, PHD

Career & Technical Administrator
Career & Technical Center at Hinds Community College
Vicksburg Warren School District

"RiverWorks Discovery provides Vicksburg Warren School District's students with a great opportunity to explore careers within the maritime industry.  By bringing the "Who Works the Rivers" event to our community, students get a chance to learn from practicing professionals on career opportunities along the river while experiencing hands-on learning. Students are able to learn about the variety of careers that exist in the river industry and this helps them make a better informed decision about their career path which is one of the goals of Vicksburg Warren College and Career Academies. With student exposure and awareness, our community will have more knowledgeable and skilled individuals that are prepared for employment opportunities." 


Bruce McGinnis

CEO, McGinnis Inc. 

"McNational Inc. was one of the founding members of RiverWorks Discovery and has been a strong supporter from its inception.

River Works Discovery fills a void and builds a connection between the public and the marine industry. All of this is accomplished through the very capable leadership of Errin Howard. As a national program, it is a very daunting task to organize meetings and workshops, and membership drives and yet she makes it look easy.

McNational is committed to this organization and its success and the success of the inland river system."


John Roberts

President & CEO
Ingram Barge Company

"RiverWorks Discovery provides an invaluable resource to the river industry. Their education and outreach efforts are essential to educating the public on what we do and how we can work together to ensure a cohesive and safe environment for both commerce and the communities in which we work." 


Captain John Vaughn

"I believe that the river industry will always rely on face-to-face meetings to cultivate new candidates for our crews. Many come from the relationships with family members or friends, but the truth seems to be that the further you drive up over beyond the levee, the fewer and fewer people you find, aware of the fantastic career opportunities in our field. RiverWorks Discovery introduces our industry to audiences HR departments would have a difficult time reaching otherwise." 


Jack Weiss

Cincinnati Bulk Terminals, LLC

"Riverworks Discovery has done an excellent job of informing young people of the benefits of river transportation. It introduces young people to the possibility of a career working on the river and, through the students, informs parents of logistical benefits that they might not otherwise consider." 

Christa White

Talent Acquisition Manager at Ingram Barge Company

“RWD has a knack for giving students an authentic view of careers in the river industry and know how to bring businesses together to showcase what we do. They really get towboating!”  


Tracy Zea

Waterways Council, Inc.

"Waterways Council is proud to partner with RIverWorks Discovery (RWD) and Who Works the Rivers every year. RWD provides an important service - educating the public on the importance of river transportation, an industry that isn’t well-known to most of the public. Who Works the Rivers identified a void that needed addressing - person-to-person outreach to younger generations to inform them on the many occupations tied to the river industry.  WCI members appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and leadership Errin Howard brings to RiverWorks Discovery and encourage your support of this program.  The students of today become voters (and leaders) of tomorrow!"