Are the waterways as important as ever?

What kind of jobs are on the waterways?

Is this a place I could work someday?

How did the people who work here, get here?

RiverWorks Discovery’s (RWD) new “Who Works the Rivers” program for high school students answers these questions and more.

Who Works the Rivers (WWR) is RWD’s career awareness program for high school students. The program begins with an introductory lesson using content from our “Energy and Our Rivers Curriculum” developed by NEED corporation. Additionally, students attend a mini career fair and meet representatives from a full range of river industries – from non-profit to military, from recreational to industrial – to learn about the many job opportunities in the river sector. Hands-on artifacts and activities help make the “job fair” atmosphere fun and memorable for the students.

After attending the program, participants questioned responded that:

  • 64% had a greater knowledge of the kinds of jobs available to people in the waterways industries.
  • 75% demonstrated an improved knowledge of why the rivers and waterways industries are important to Pittsburgh.
  • 64% showed greater interest in the waterways as a place where they might someday work.

To Learn More about Who Works the Rivers, visit our River Careers page.